From 10 to 25 is a storytelling game about adolescence.

What happens from ages 10 to 25? Find out as you take on the role of a young person, explore new parts of life, encounter challenges, and get the support you need.

How It Works

From 10 to 25 is a storytelling card game that builds understanding of what adolescence is and what young people need to thrive. The game helps players appreciate the discoveries that we make as young people when we have access to supportive resources and relationships.

You take on the role of an adolescent in today’s world.

Groups of 2 to 5 players build characters, tell stories, and make discoveries together.

At the start of the game, you’re dealt Experience cards that represent the events and adventures of adolescent life.

The table has access to Relationship and Resource cards that represent the supportive people, programs, and services in adolescent’s lives.

You’ll match Experience, Relationship, and Resource cards to tell stories about your character’s adventures in adolescence.

Then it’s up to your fellow players to complete your story by adding a Discovery card that describes the milestone or development that your cards add up to.

What stories will you tell? How will you navigate adolescence? It all depends on the supports available and the creativity of your storytelling team.

Afterwards, you’ll reflect on the stories you’ve told and discuss how experiences, resources, and relationships shape adolescent development.

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